Kobe's Surgery Recovery with His Big Barker Bed

Kobe resting on his burgundy Big Barker bed


For big dogs, normal dog beds don’t cut it. They need REAL beds. This is especially true when recovering from surgery, as Kobe and Peggy can tell you firsthand.

Kobe is a 16 month old, 88lb American Pit/ Cane Corso/ American Bulldog mix who was adopted in 2021, by his mom Peggy (who happens to be the Adoption Coordinator at MustLuvBoxers Rescue!) Kobe was a most welcome addition to their family as Peggy had suffered the loss of her Boxer in 2020 from a brain tumor.  This gentle, big and dopey guy came in and helped to heal her broken heart. Ironically, even though Kobe was from the Boxer rescue, he is in fact 0% boxer!

Kobe brought the excitement and energy to the home that only a puppy can provide, but at just 4-months old, his family received devastating news. Kobe was born with severe hip dysplasia in both hips. The Big Barker has been helping dogs with hip dysplasia since 2012.

Did you know? Big Barker beds are specially engineered to help dogs with joint conditions like hip dysplasia. Click here to learn more.

Peggy told her hairdresser (who has a large Lab of her own) about Kobe’s diagnosis and her hairdresser immediately recommended Big Barker. When Peggy got home and began to research the bed, she saw that other dogs with severe hip dysplasia were benefiting from the bed and she was sold.


His first Big Barker was aimed to give him comfort and support. But, when Kobe underwent an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery on his right side, Peggy ordered a second bed, this time a Backseat Barker SUV bed so he could travel more comfortably.

Since getting his Big Barker, Peggy tells us Kobe is sleeping better and has a much easier time getting up from his lying position. She can tell he is in less pain too. The old beds Kobe had flattened and bottomed out very quickly, providing little to zero support. Not anymore! After months of heavy use, there are absolutely no indentations.

Dog resting on bed Kobe on Burgundy Big Barker Headrest

When Kobe gets cleared to do the stairs again, his second bed will get moved to the TV room, so he can be close to family at all times. Right now, their second bed is used for Peggy to lay with him during the hard recovery (yes, Big Barker beds give human comfort too!) As a frequent car rider, Peggy knew Kobe needed a really good bed to get back and forth from PT. She shares that he has been happy and comfortable, and once he is all healed, these beds will continue to support him for many years to come.

As a big dog owner who knows the importance of keeping your pets healthy and happy, Peggy shares "Finding the right support for your pup is so important for their joint health and will help prevent future joint issues later in life."

Thank you to Peggy & Kobe for sharing your story with us.

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