Diesel's Hip Dysplasia | Before and After

Among large breed dogs, German Shepherds are one of the most commonly affected by joint issues like hip dysplasia. Unfortunately, Andrew’s dog, Diesel, was not an exception to this sad reality.


Diesel the German Shepherd


As a puppy, Diesel had lots of energy and would always jump right onto Andrew’s bed. But as he got older, Andrew noticed Diesel was laying on the floor instead of in his bed. When Andrew saw Diesel crying in pain and struggling to get up, he knew he had to get him to the vet. 


Diesel as a puppy


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At the vet, Andrew learned Diesel has hip dysplasia. Armed with a diagnosis, Andrew was ready to take action. One of the first steps he took was looking for a supportive bed for Diesel to comfortably rest on. Andrew bought him all kinds of beds but they would continually flatten and in just a few short months, Diesel would be laying on the floor again. In fact, Andrew estimates Diesel’s been through more than six beds!


Diesel Laying on Big Barker bed


But, Andrew kept searching for the perfect orthopedic bed to support Diesel’s joints and when he decided on the Big Barker, he finally saw the results he’d been looking for.


Diesel on his Big Barker bed


The bed didn’t flatten, Diesel felt better and stopped limping, and after just a few weeks on his new bed, Andrew and Diesel go on walks and play fetch like they used to. Watch the video above to see their whole story.


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Andrew Holding Diesel


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