An Act of Extraordinary Courage: German Shepherd Saves Family

german shepherd


A sad story comes to us today about Noah, a German Shepherd who gave his life to protect his family from a case of road rage. After a fender bender erupted into an argument, a deranged driver pulled out a gun and started firing. Bullets hit a nearby (and unrelated!) minivan where a mother with three young children was pulling into the parking lot. As soon as the bullets hit the minivan, Noah the family dog, jumped out the window and charged the gunman in order to protect his family. Protect them, indeed he did, by giving up his own life to ensure their safety.

Our dogs love us so unconditionally. This story is one wonderful example of a dog going to such great lengths to protect his loved ones. The moment Noah realized his family was in danger he literally leapt into action without any hesitation. There was no regard for his own life…all he had in mind were the lives of those young children in his care.

This is precisely how are dogs show their love for us. In many ways, we are in their care. They will stop at nothing to ensure we are safe and sound. Even to the point of giving up their lives for us.

We are so thankful to have these heroes in our lives.

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