Can I lend a paw?

This is just so incredibly cute!!



I love how this dog helps its pup to walk down the stairs. Notice the care, the concern, the desire to teach and nurture.


Now compare that to this cat at the :36 sec mark:


Hahahaha. We definitely love our dogs, and well…we may be just a tad bit wary of our cats. But we love them, too; in that special sort of way!We hope that these two videos will just serve to brighten up your day a bit; give you a good laugh, and remind you to always, always watch your back around the cat!

If you do have a dog, give him or her a nice scratch behind the ears, a pat on the back, and perhaps a little bit of a tummy rub. They really do look out for each other and for us as well.


And, well…if you have a cat:


beware! You never know…hahahaha.