Snausages, not-sages!

Do you remember that old commercial from a long time ago…the cute little pit bull would be waddling down the street and through the speakers of your TV you would hear over and over again: “Snausages, Snausages”?

Ok, maybe not…I don’t want to date myself now, do I. But…if you do remember, you’ll recall that they were these doggie treats that your favorite friend would beg for!

Well, that got me thinking about all of the treats we give our dogs on a regular basis. I mean, they beg for anything and everything, right? And they look so cute while doing it. And even though they will eat whatever is in sight, some of those seemingly harmless treats are anything but that!

You need to be careful what you give your best friend. Here to help us out with that isa list of treatsthat are not treats at all! Yes, your dogs will beg for them, but if you give in they can really do some harm to their digestive system. And we don’t want that. Some you are aware of, like giving chocolate to a dog. Big no-no. But others you may be unaware of…like grapes and onions. Who knew that such treats were, well treats in the first place, let alone actually harmful to your pet.

Read on for more examples of not so healthy food items to avoid. And we do hope that you are safe and sound with your lil buddy right now!