Philadelphia PSPCA Gets Major Gift For Its Big Dogs

"Big dogs rescued by the Pennsylvania SPCA are getting an upgrade in their sleeping arrangements."

Philly Police receive orthopedic beds to help keep K-9 unit healthy

"Commissioner Richard Ross and the K-9 unit handlers attended the press conference and were grateful for the luxury beds that will improve the dogs' quality of life."

University of Pennsylvania Receives Big Barker Dog Beds

"Big Barker presented donated beds to Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital at University of Pennsylvania"

Philadelphia Police dogs receive a special gift to help improve performance

"The beds would normally cost more than $11,000 dollars, but these dogs will get a good nights rest for free."

Shelter Pets Rest Easier Thanks to Big Barker

"Animals in need are resting easier thanks to a really great donation"

Christmas Came Early for 35 Police K9 Teams

"They were presented with brand new premium dog beds by Big Barker"

A (Police) Dog’s Life Now Includes a Better Place to Rest

"Canine officers in several area police departments will rest more easily after hard days of police work thanks to a donation of dog beds designed with them in mind."

Philly Police K-9 dogs will rest easy in new donated beds

"The bravest dogs in Philadelphia will be getting a more restful and supportive night's sleep"

King Of Prussia Business Donates Beds To Philly K-9 Unit

"The entire k-9 unit on the streets of Philadelphia, at the airport, and even a few retired K-9 officers will be sleeping in luxury."

Big Barker Donates Beds to PAWS

"Big Barker donated about 30 specialty orthopedic dog beds to Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter"

Dog beds donated to capital area police k-9 units

"A Philadelphia area dog bed company donated several dozen special beds to Harrisburg area police K-9 units to help hard working police dogs rest more easily after a hard day on the job."

Dauphin County K9 officers received special dog beds

"Twenty-three active and retired K9's throughout Dauphin County received special orthopedic dog beds."

Company donates dog beds to K9s

"Big Barker, which makes dog beds, gave 23 of them to the units during a ceremony in Harrisburg."

Big dog enjoys tiny bed owner accidentally bought for him

"A dog from Indiana is getting a lot of love on social media after his family bought him a doggy bed that was just a little bit too small."

Annual Sproutfest in Upper Merion aims to educate and find forever homes for dogs

"The 8th annual Sproutfest kicks off with a presentation of a Big Barker to Upper Merion Canine Officer"

Custom Orthopedic Bed Donated to Norristown's K9 Nero

"Thanks to a special donation, Montgomery County's K9 officers will be sleeping easily."

Montgomery County K9’S Get New And Improved Beds

"Three K9’s with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department, and one with the Norristown police, got some high-tech dog beds."

K9 lap of luxury

"Philadelphia Police K9's have a new and very comfortable place to rest."

Midstate K-9 officers get bed donations

"The beds, which can cost hundreds of dollars, are welcome additions since many departments don’t have the money to buy the therapeutic options."

Lower Paxton K-9 receives donated bed

"The Lower Paxton Township Police Department would like to thank Big Barker for this thoughtful donation"

Erie Avenue PSPCA Gets Major Gift For Its Big Dogs

"Big dogs rescued by the Pennsylvania SPCA are getting an upgrade in their sleeping arrangements. Big Barker, a dog bedding company based in King of Prussia, is donating 27 crate pads to the PSPCA on Erie Avenue."

Big Barker Named to National Inc. 5000 List

Inc. Magazine ranks Big Barker as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America

Eric Shannon Receives Pet Age's 40 Under 40 Award

"We honor these up-and-coming movers and shakers as they continue to demonstrate a dedication to the growth of the pet industry, professional excellence and the community. "

Big Barker Awarded Place in Philadelphia 100

...named one of Philadelphia’s top 100 fastest-growing privately-held companies by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Big Barker Dog Bed Review: How Does It Measure Up?

"Honestly, this is probably a better quality bed than most humans sleep on."

How Sadie Got Her Groove Back

"The Tale of a Lovable Lemon Basset Hound and her Big Barker Bed"

Big Barker Dog Bed Review

"These guys are the best and their customer service is awesome."

My Biased Review of Big Barker “Dog Mom” Beds

"You can't feel the floor when you're laying on it... Sydney has better mobility after a nap on this bed."

Charlotte Tries Out the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

"Was the orthopedic bed just right for her bad hips, knees, and joints? Charlotte's human shares her initial take on the bed."

Big Barker Dog Bed Review

"you can expect this dog bed to last MUCH longer than a cheap bed made in China where the contents are uncertain. "

Could Your Dog’s Bed Be Causing Joint Pain? Here’s How To Tell.

"The Big Barker bed showed zero signs of significant pressure anywhere along the dog’s body."

Want Your Dog to Hunt Better? Give Him a Real Bed

"The Big Barker bed is just the thing for your old or ailing gun dog"

Old Dogs, New Tricks: Susan Rubin’s Recommendations for Your Senior Canine

"...numerous friends and family commented that she was walking more steadily."

Selecting the ideal orthopedic bed for your dog

"You don't want to be that consumer who ends up buying several subpar dog beds over time."

Review: The Big Barker Dog Bed

"excellent product manufactured to the highest standards and should last a lifetime."

Review: Big Barker Dog Bed

"I think it’s stylish and my dog thinks its comfy. We both win."

Big Barker Dog Bed Review

"Big Barker offers a wide array of dog beds, but their foam pad for crates is an absolute gem. The foam inside won’t flatten over time, regardless of how much time your dog spends on top of it. "

Big Barker Recognized by Congress for Work With Police K9 Units

"The U.S. House of Representatives presented a Certificate of Special Recognition to Big Barker"

Upper Merion K9s to receive dog beds to kick off 8th Annual Sproutfest Community Pet Adoption Event

"Premium dog bed manufacturer and retailer Big Barker will help kick off the 8th Annual Sproutfest Community Pet Adoption Event by donating orthopedic dog beds to the hardworking K9s of the Upper Merion Police Department."

Big Barker Ranks No.720 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 638%

"Inc. magazine today ranked BIG BARKER NO. 720 on its 36th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies."

Big Barker Therapeutic Dog Beds Launch in the UK

"Big Barker – manufacturer of the Internet's favorite dog bed – is crossing the Atlantic to bring its unique therapeutic mattresses to dog lovers in the United Kingdom."

13 Orthopedic Beds for Pawsitively Exhausted Dogs

"Like many human-grade mattress brands, Big Barker offers a generous trial period of one year (not to mention a 10-year warranty), so your pup has plenty of time to get used to their new sleeping quarters."

The 8 Very Best Dog Beds, According to Dog Experts

"Our experts recommend Big Barker’s bolster dog bed for extra-large dogs and older big dogs with joint pain because it is designed with durable and supportive foam."

The 11 Best Dog Beds, According to Pet Parents

"This ginormous bed with a washable microsuede cover is ideal for large breeds who want their own space for snoozing—and senior dogs who could use the extra joint support from a thick orthopedic memory foam."

Big Barker Dog Bed Review- Why this is the best dog bed on the market

"The way I see it, you can either buy a cheap dog bed that will need replacing each year or you can make one investment in a good quality bed they will have for life."

Study Showed Significant Improvement of Arthritis Symptoms Resulted from … a Dog Bed?

"Explicitly designed for giant breeds, it’s a contender for the best dog bed for senior dogs with arthritis."

Big Barker Dog Beds

"it is important to see a bed like the Big Barker as an investment. Joint health issues can go undetected until they are so evident that they may be irreversible. The support and the lasting comfort that the Big Barker can provide is worth the money over time."

Big Barker Dog Bed Review

"Large dogs and older dogs can suffer joint pain just like we do–and an orthopedic bed can help relieve the pressure from those joints while your dog sleeps. (And we all know that our dogs sleep a lot.)"

Big Barker Dog Bed Review: Overpriced Or An Investment?

"Big Barker Dog Beds eliminate uncomfortable pressure points with their proprietary 3-stage blend of American made foam.  This foam envelopes a dog’s joints where they need the support most. "

Review: Big Barker Dog Bed for Large Breeds

"this dog bed is a great investment."

The 10 best dog beds of 2023

The Big Barker 7-Inch Headrest Edition provides ample body and orthopedic support for large dogs and comes with a 10-year "can't flatten-won't flatten" guarantee. 

The 12 Very Best Dog Beds For sprawlers, burrowers, nappers, and every dog in between

"Our experts recommend Big Barker’s bolster dog bed for large dogs and older big dogs with joint pain because it is designed with durable and supportive foam."

13 Orthopedic Beds for Pawsitively Exhausted Dogs

"Big Barker makes micro-suede, water-resistant orthopedic beds for, as its name would suggest, big dogs. That means its beds have an extra-large sleeping area, thick base, and, in the case of this popular model, a bolster on one side to support the dog's head."

Big Barker has received the Fear Free® Preferred Product Program designation

"The decision to give Big Barker the Fear Free Preferred Product Program designation was a no-brainer," said Dr.Marty Becker, known as "America's Veterinarian" and Fear Free creator.

Big Barker Dog Beds Review: Are They As Good As They Say?

So are the Big Barker dog beds as good as they say they are? After many hours of research, it's clear that yes – all the Big Barker dog beds reviews are spot on, and this is undeniably the best 7-inch orthopedic dog bed an owner can ever purchase. Here's why.

The Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

This orthopedic dog bed for large dogs from Big Barker provides great orthopedic support for older dogs with joint issues.

Big Barker Dog Bed Review

What initially sold me on this bed was the research that went into meeting the support needs of big dogs. According to the company, designers used tactless pressure-mapping sensor technology to study larger breeds on four different types of beds.

The best dog bed in 2023: 8 top dog mattresses

Big Barker started life with one specific purpose: to give the company founder's pet Hank (a 92lb half Lab, half Basenji with a dodgy hip) somewhere much more comfortable to sleep. What started as a passion project soon turned into an obsession, and then a flourishing dog bed business specializing in orthopedic dog mattresses for humungous hounds.

Big Barker Dog Bed Review- A Comprehensive and Non-Biased Review

For large dog owners, you will be especially interested to keep reading this dog bed review as you know that dogs sleep is essential for their overall health. Additionally, finding quality dog beds to support their weight and joints is very difficult.

Veterinary review of the Big Barker orthopedic dog bed

As a veterinarian and veterinary specialist, I end up seeing a lot of dogs (and cats) present in the veterinary ER due to lameness, pain and arthritis. Osteoarthritis can be debilitating in dogs, and result in chronic pain. Signs of osteoarthritis pain including: excessive licking, limping, hesitancy to jump up and down furniture, having a difficulty time getting up or laying down, muscle wasting (especially in the hind limbs), trembling, shaking or even whining.

Ultimate Resting Spot For Your Dog: Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed Review 2023

The Big Barker Orthopedic Bed for Dogs’ standout feature is its orthopedic foam. This exceptional feature has been clinically shown to reduce joint pain and improve dog mobility.

Dog beds designed for comfort can now regulate temperature with added feature

Big Barker, makers of a dog bed clinically proven to improve quality of life in big dogs, have teamed up with KulKote, creators of a coating that can be applied to fabrics and foams to help regulate temperature.

The 10 best dog beds of 2023, tested and reviewed

The Big Barker 7-Inch Headrest Edition provides ample body and orthopedic support for large dogs and comes with a 10-year "can't flatten-won't flatten" guarantee. 

The Best Dog Beds That Are Comfy...

The Big Barker is incredibly comfortable and comes complete with a soft microfiber cover that’s easy to clean.

Made in USA Dog Supplies: A USA Love List Source Guide

A dog is not just a pet, but a member of the family, so why risk his or her health with exposure to unknown ingredients in toys or dog food made in China? Big Barker dog beds are orthopedic beds for large and extra large dogs.

Best Dog Beds Made in USA

Big Barker sources American-made foam, zippers, and when needed, glue. The microfiber is almost seven times stronger than the microfiber typically used on furniture, making it extremely durable. These are handmade in Pennsylvania.

The 13 Very Best Dog Beds For sprawlers, burrowers, nappers, and every dog in between.

Erin Askeland, a certified dog behaviorist and training manager at Camp Bow Wow, says this heavy-duty bed (which Big Barker guarantees will hold its shape for ten years) is ideal “for dogs who like to sprawl and rest their head.”

15 Best Luxury Dog Beds

The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest is a large-sized dog bed made with thick foam and a soft microsuede cover. It has been clinically shown to reduce joint pain and improve mobility in dogs.

9 Best Dog Beds for Arthritic Dogs

The Big Barker Sleek Orthopedic Dog Bed is a large and comfortable bed designed specifically for big dogs. The bed is made of thick foam and soft microsuede, providing support and comfort for dogs with joint pain.

Best Dog Bed for German Shepherd

The Big Barker 7″ Headrest Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bedis an excellent choice for German Shepherds and other large breeds suffering from joint pain or arthritis.

Introducing Big Barker, The Gold Standard In Large Dog Beds

In the crowded landscape of pet supplies, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a tall order. But if you’re the owner of a large dog in need of a genuinely supportive sleep solution, look no further than Big Barker!


BIG BARKER DOG BEDS: Ideal for the big dog in your life.