Frequently Asked Questions

What does the warranty cover?


Our 10 year, “can’t flatten, won’t flatten” warranty guarantees that your dog's bed will not flatten and will retain at least 90% of its shape or we replace the foam for free for 10 entire years!

Please note, the warranty does not cover damage to the bed covers or any damage caused by chewing.

Can you make custom beds?


At this time, we are unable to make custom beds. Please contact us at to be added to our waitlist.

Do you ship internationally?


Yes we do! All fees, shipping, and duties are calculated upfront so that you don't receive a bill after your order arrives!

Are the beds waterproof?


The microfiber covers are water-resistant, but not 100% waterproof. Things like drool, licking, or a wet dog coming in from the rain will NOT get through the fabric.

However, to be safe we'd recommend adding one of our 100% waterproof liners!

What if my dog won't use the bed?


While most dogs love the bed right away, it's not uncommon for some dogs to take up to a few weeks before getting used to a new bed. Don't worry, almost all dogs fall in love with the bed, sometimes it just takes longer than others.

Here are a few tips that have worked for other dog owners to help get their pup acclimated to the bed:

1) Rub your hands all over the cover. It often helps to get your own scent on the bed.

2) Lay on the bed yourself. This might get your dog interested in approaching and possibly stepping onto the bed.

3) If your dog's old bed has a removable cover, take it off and lay it on top of the new bed. This can sometimes make the new bed seem more familiar.

4) Put the bed in the exact spot where your dog lays while you're home. It doesn't need to always stay in this spot, but it can often jump start the "trying out the new bed" process.

5) Old fashion bribery. Get your dog to lay down on it, then bribe with a treat. Bribe every few minutes it stays on without getting up.

Most importantly though, just give it time. If it just so happens that your dog just never warms up to the bed, no problem… we'll gladly take it back for a full refund.

Are the beds chew proof?


No, the cover is not made from chew resistant material. We use a furniture grade microfiber. It's "tear resistant" - meaning, it holds up better against nesting/digging than most types of dog bed covers. But dogs can chew through it if they're determined.

If there's ever a tear, we gladly send out a 6" x 6" replacement patch to you (at no cost)! If the damage is greater than this standard size, please email us with exact patch sizing you may need.

One other option: we do keep some Cordura fabric, also known as Mil-Spec, in our workshop, that is made with a tougher chew-resistant material. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your bed with this fabric!

How do I know what size is best for my dog?


The most important measurement is the width of the bed!

1. Have your dog stand up straight and measure from the bottom of the paw to the top of the hip or shoulder.

This is the amount of room that your dog needs to be in a full 100% stretch position.

2. Compare that measurement to the width of our sizes. You'll want an extra 4-6 inches.

For example, if your dog measures 25", you'll do great with the Large, which is 30" wide. But if your dog is 28", you'll want to bump up to the 36" wide XL.

Note: the foam composition is the same between the Large, XL, and Giant sizes. All 3 sizes can easily support a 300 lb dog if they have to.

If I need to return my order, what do I do?


Please read the return policy, then contact us to get an RMA number.

How do I clean my Big Barker products?


Dog Bed Covers

Our dog bed covers are machine washable. Wash on cold, tumble dry. Our microfiber also does not shrink. As long as you wash on cold & tumble dry low, they can be washed 1,000 times and they won’t shrink by more than fractions of a millimeter.

They’re also very easy to take on and off. Most dog beds just zip on a single side, but we use a zipper around the bottom 3 sides.

Here’s a quick demonstration video:

Crate Bed Covers

The crate bed covers are also machine washable, however it’s easier to clean them with just a wet rag. If soiled, you can wipe with warm soapy water. Any dish soap will do. If you do choose to machine wash, use low heat. Dry on low for 10-15 minutes. 

Waterproof liners

If your liner needs to be laundered, use cold water and gentle detergent only (no bleach!).

Please hang or lay flat to dry. If using a dryer, dry on low for no more than 10-15 minutes.

Note: Please be sure to follow these instructions as high temperatures can damage the waterproof backing.

Cleaning the Foam

The foam can be cleaned, but it’s more difficult than washing the cover. Before you get started, you'll need 3 kitchen towels (or a roll of paper towels), a bowl and mild detergent.

Step 1: Act quickly and press a towel onto the foam to absorb as much liquid as possible. You can blot and press, but avoid rubbing the foam.

Step 2: Mix a mild liquid detergent with water and blot the stain gently from the outside to the center.

Step 3: Then, take a damp cloth and blot from the outside to the center of the stain again to remove any detergent residue.

Step 4: Let your bed dry in a well-ventilated space before use. If you've got a fan you can point at it, that'll help it dry even faster.

Bonus Step: For odor removal, you can sprinkle baking soda on the foam and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. To remove the baking soda, you can just vacuum it off. Just be sure to use an attachment and not a vacuum with a beater bar.

Important note: If you have a KulKote bed, do not soak, scrub or rub any part of the top of your bed. The Kulkote material is sprayed onto the bed and will come off. Try pressing out the moisture from the bottom of the bed instead and do not apply friction to the top.

We'd also recommend a waterproof liner to avoid having to ever clean the foam! 😉

Can you put a rush on my order?


We understand that sometimes you need your new bed ASAP! At checkout, you can select the shipping method that best suits your needs.

Please Note: Expedited shipping options will vary based on your location and address.

How do I assemble my sofa bed?


Great question! We make assembling your sofa bed easier then ever...just pick the method that suits you best:

1. Follow along via video

2. Read step-by-step instructions

3. Download written instructions