Unboxing a GIANT Big Barker Dog Bed!

Many people often ask how the heck we fit our massive beds into a normal sized box. We’ve even had a few instances where a customer told the UPS delivery person “sorry, they must have shipped me the wrong thing, that box is wayyyyy too small! Send it back!”

Let our new friends Bishop, Kristin and Patrik solve the mystery for you. This is what happens when you first open your Big Barker package!

We’re thrilled that everyone is so happy in this video 🙂

About Bishop, as told to us by his pet parents, Kristin & Patrik:

Bishop, like most other Great Danes, is a gentle giant. All he wants is to be a part of the family and get loved on. We rescued him three years ago from a Great Dane rescue center in Huntersville, NC. When we first adopted him he had a lot of unknown and untreated medical problems so he was itchy all time and very skinny. We quickly realized he had several food and environmental allergies so we set him up with a allergy specialist. We found the right food for him and he now gets small injections every third day. As a result, he is no longer itchy and he is a nice healthy weight. The only downside to all this is that he has limited ability to get table scraps due to his numerous food allergies.

Bishop is now around six-and-a-half-years-old and is steadily becoming an old man. His joints are creaking and cracking a little more than they did a year ago and we seemingly find new gray hairs on him on a daily basis. Most days for Bishop are filled with lounging around the house waiting for us to get home from work. His old living room bed had been around for about a year and was flattened and much less supportive for his achy body. We had searched all around for a new bed and realized that there were not many options for a dog his size. It came down to a mediocre $100 bed or wonderful Big Barker for $350. For us, the decision was easy.

Rewind four months and we were all sitting in the vet’s office waiting to be seen. We had become worried because his “bone spur” was seeming to get larger so we wanted to get it looked at. Our vet agreed that it did look larger so he wanted to get new x-rays. After the x-rays, the vet came in and the look on his face said it all. What another vet had thought was a bone spur was actually a cancerous growth on one of his ribs. Given the size and location of the tumor a non-operative approach was decided upon. We were devastated.

However, since then Bishop has done remarkably well. He still has the same sparkle in his eye and nearly the same pep in his step. He still loves going on walks around the neighborhood and taking trips to the dog park. Like always, when we are at the dog park he is more interested in the other humans than the other dogs that are around. We have also crossed off a few more things from his bucket list including scampering into the ocean down in Jacksonville, FL and frolicking in the snow in North Carolina. He continues to be his same loving self who wants nothing more than to just be near us.

He fell in love with The Big Barker immediately. We have it sitting in the corner of our living room between our couch and the love-seat he is allowed up on. There is no question in our minds that Bishop absolutely loves The Big Barker. One of the best things to see is that he looks super comfortable even when lying on his left side, which is where his tumor is. We have never once regretted spending the extra money on the bed because we know that it’s what he needs. It’s not just a frivolous toy, but a necessity, especially at this point with his tumor becoming larger.

Seeing him on his Big Barker warms our heart.


Kristin and Patrik Stridh

P.S. – Bishop says hello

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