The Official Winner: Belly Rubs or Behind the Ears?

“Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job” -Franklin P. Jones

Dogs definitely love getting lots of pets and love, but did you know that petting a dog is also good for you? According to researchers at the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University, petting a dog lowers blood pressure and stress hormones in humans. How cool is that? 

We recently took to our Facebook page to finally see what dogs like best: Scratches Behind the Ears or Belly Rubs!  Read on to see which team won and see some of our favorite responses!

Dolores says, “Belly rubs are fav, but mine loves the side of head, too, "sweet spot", most dogs have a fav, one of these....”


Lu Ann said her pup likes to be scratched “Around his neck where his collar is!”

bernese mountain dog

Peggy says, “It is amazing, my beautiful Pomeranian, Ginger and her color hair is ginger, loves, loves belly rubs.”


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Pat says, “Soo true and until you hand falls off and they want more and look at you with love eyes😇😄”

cane corso

Sharon said that, “My Cane Corso mix will stand there for as long as you are willing to scratch his hind quarters!!!”

Overall, it seemed that there was a bigger vote for Team Belly Rubs, so they are the winners for this round! Let us know what your pup prefers, are you team belly scratches or team behind the ears?

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