17 Dogs Sure to Bring a Smile to Your Face

Looking for a laugh? Here are 17 hilarious dogs that will surely bring a smile to your face!

1. Alfie Bear is enjoying a game of hide and seek, looks like a pro!

Bernese Mountain Dog


2. Sidor has decided on taking a nap in a comfy laundry basket

dog in laundry basket


3. This sweet pup enjoying a quick lounge on a giant rubber duck floatie

dog on a float


4. Karma yawning, what a sleepy pup!

yawning dog


5. This sweet unicorn puppy!



6. Marlo is sporting a cute cap, and look at that smile!

golden retriever


7. And Fenrir holding his bone!

dog with bone


8. Kailani is looking fabulous with these rainbow glasses, so glamorous!

dog wearing glasses


9. Benny is looking super cool too in his shades

dog in sunglasses


10. Oh no! Looks like Kronos is having some technical difficulties with his internet connection

dog on computer


11. Looking like the 😝 emoji!



12. And this pup has such an adorable smile!

Bernese mountain dog


13. And Apollo’s cute smile too

german shepherd


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14. And an upside down smile from sweet Roxy!

American bulldog


15. A little wink coming from this adorable pup!

winking dog


16. This dog running with THE biggest smile!

running dog


17. And finally, this cutie shaking off



Thanks to our awesome Facebook community for sharing these funny photos! Have any funny pictures of your dog? We’d love to see them! 


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