Starving Rescue Dog Undergoes Major Transformation And Her Tail Won’t Stop Wagging

Howl Of A Dog is an organization that saves dogs from abuse and abandonment. When a tip came about a group of starving dogs in a junkyard, Howl of A Dog got right to work. After locating the dogs, the rescuers were shocked by their appearance. Arnia, a young dog, weighed just 13 pounds — half of what her normal weight should be. 

After rushing Arnia to a shelter and giving her the shelter, food, water, and a bath that she was lacking, a vet found that she was also anemic, dehydrated, had muscle spasms, and giardiasis which is an intestinal infection. This poor dog was scared when she first arrived, but with some love and care, she started to show her true colors. Watch this amazing video to see her full transformation.


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