Paws of Honor: K9 Tank

Tank is 10-year-old Black Lab who was born in Brazil, trained in a kennel in Northern Indiana and was assigned to the State Department where he conducted sweeps in support of the Secretary of State, POTUS, VPOTUS visits to State Dept., provided support to DSS agents on protective details for foreign dignitaries and he was always a big hit for Take Your Child to Work Day and National Night Out. 

Tank was an Explosive Detection Dog. What makes Tank special is how much he loves to work; he would get so excited he would run out to the truck and jump up and down until the door was opened to get in.  When it was time to search, Tank would hop down the halls at State Dept.  Tank knows the difference between work mode and home mode and at home he is a complete goofball, who loves to play and cuddle. 

Tank’s primary role was to support the Secretary of State and provide protective sweeps of venues where he spoke. 

Tank has had two GI tract surgeries after complications with parasites that were destroyed but did not flush out with traditional medication. After he retired, we learned he had severe hip dysplasia requiring both hips to be replaced. He has severe arthritis in his elbows which he received Synovetin OA injections for and is going in again to repeat the procedure. 

Tank still searches all packages that come in the house and the cars when he goes outside. He loves getting a little drop of salmon in his food, he loves to cuddle with his stuffed animals and protects his older sister when she naps. His favorite special treat is homemade whipped cream.  

Tank would say, “I'm very happy I could retire with my hoomans where I don't have to work for my tennis balls... Tennis balls are life.” 

So far, Tank loves his Big Barker Bed, he enjoys fluffing it before settling down for a nap in front of the fireplace. 

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