How to Pick the Perfect Nickname for Your Dog

One of the funniest parts about having a dog is how their name evolves into a nickname. Sometimes you end up using the nickname for your dog more than you use more than their actual name. We asked our friends on our Facebook and Instagram to share what they call their dogs and we even organized a helpful tutorial on how to make sure you pick the perfect nickname for your pup. 

Keep reading for the guide to finding the perfect nickname for your four-legged friend!


1. Decide the type of nickname you want for your dog

Picking the type of nickname first can help you narrow down your choices while searching for the perfect nickname. Do you want to pick a nickname based on looks? Maybe size or features? Or just something that is fun to say? 

Check out some of the nicknames our Big Barker friends from Facebook and Instagram picked for their dogs based on category/type: 


Nicknames for Little Pups:

Small Dog Nicknames


Lil Boy


Baby Girl


Sweet Baby Doggy


Nicknames for Dogs with Amazing Personalities:

Nicknames for Dogs with Funny Personality

Mr ChaCha




Bud Bud

Dancing Butt

Sugar Bear



Nicknames for Our Dog’s Less... Pleasant Traits:

Dog Nicknames for Less Pleasant Traits

Stinky or Stink

Crazy Pants

Slobber Monster


Nicknames Based on Looks:

Nicknames for Dogs with Amazing Personalities


Big Rig



Mr. Sweet Face




Nicknames for Dogs… or Other Animals?:

Nicknames for Dogs... or Other Animals



Moose (or Moosie)

Bear Bear


Nicknames That Are Just Fun to Say:

Nicknames for Dogs That Are Fun to Say



Chicken Nugget







None of these nicknames striking a chord? Try out this Dog Nickname Generator.


2. Implement the Nickname

Once you have decided on a nickname it’s time to begin introducing it to your dog. It’s important that your dog doesn’t get confused between their actual name and their nickname. It’s important that the nickname can’t be confused with a command or name similar to another member of your pack. Teaching your dog their real name before you introduce a nickname is a great way to make sure that they do not get the two confused! 


3. Start Using Your New Nickname Regularly!

The moment you’ve been waiting for... it’s finally time to start using that nickname regularly! Once your dog understands their real name, it is fun to begin to find which nickname will stick for them. Be creative, explore lots of options, and most of all find one that fits your furry best friend! We hope you and your pup love their new nickname.


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