What's in a Name?

People’s names aren’t the only ones with special meanings, dogs have special names too! Dog parents recently shared the reasons behind their dogs’ names. The responses were super cool, so keep reading!



Her parents explained her name means “my beloved.” They added that it is totally fitting for this sweet pup!
Mia the Black Lab


This dog’s name is Angus, meaning “one choice.”
german shepherd

Fenrir & Cooper Gurion

Fenrir is a Brown American Stafford and his name comes from Norse mythology in which Fenrir is a giant wolf whose prophecy is to kill Odin during Ragnarok. The other pup, Cooper Gurion, is the little fawn guy. His name, Gurion, is Hebrew for “my lion cub.”
brown American Stafford


Next up we have, Ivar the Boneless who got his name based on a character from the television show, Vikings, who was born with no use of his legs. Ivar is a three-legged dog so his parents thought the name was fitting, and they added that he loves his Big Barker bed!
three-legged dog


Denali is a beautiful Great Dane which is completely fitting since Denali means “the great one.”
Love Great Danes? Check out the amazing story of Steve & Service Dog Charlie


This Tibetan Mastiff’s name Zeppelin which this big dog’s parents believe is very appropriate!
Tibetan Mastiff

Sgt. Major

Sgt. Major is reporting for duty on his Big Barker bed. His owner explains that his name means "big dog!" He is 130 pounds and they shared that his bed is not “smooshy!”
german shepherd 
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This adorable pup, Sakari, is named after a feminine term meaning, "sweet" in Native American.


Lastly, this is Sam. Her parents explain that her name means, “Give me a cookie!” And how could you not with that smile?
german shepherd


What does your pup’s name mean? Comment down below, we would love to hear about it!

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