Happy Dog Mom's Day!

Did you know that the second Saturday in May is Dog Mom's Day? If you haven't been celebrating this holiday, we'd say it's time you start. Dog Mommin' isn't always easy, but it sure is fun! Here's 7 ways to make your Dog Mom's Day extra special: 


1. Start the day with a nice walk

This may already be a daily ritual for you and your pups, but it's also the perfect way to start Dog Mom's Day! Whether you venture out to your favorite hiking trail or go for a stroll around the neighborhood, spending this one-on-one time with your dog is a nice low-key way to celebrate. 


2. Learn something new together

Learning new skills together is so rewarding, not only for our dogs but for us too! Working on something together is a great way to strengthen your bond and increase your pup's confidence. 

Looking for some new tricks to learn? Check out our Brain Games series. 🧩

3. Snuggle up and watch your favorite movie

Snuggling up and watching a movie or your favorite show is always a good idea. If you really want to stick to the theme of the day, here are the 80 best dog movies.  

4. Share a special treat

We bet that if your dog could, they'd make you breakfast in bed. But, since one of the best parts of being a Dog Mom is spoiling your pup, trying your hand at one of these homemade treat recipes could be fun.

5. Have a puppy picnic 

Grab a blanket, some snacks, a bowl for water and find a nice patch of grass to enjoy your snacks and enjoy some special time together.

6. Have a nice long chat

Yes, really! Did you know that 61% of women talk to their dog? And a third of us think they're better listeners than our partners!* 

7. Take Pictures, together 

If you look at your camera roll, there are probably hundreds of pictures and videos of your dog — sleeping in a funny position, laying in the grass, chasing a ball, or making a silly face. But, there probably aren't many of the two of you together. Make a point to get in the picture with your pup. Photos of you together will be ones you cherish most. Bonus points if you can get it printed and in an actual frame! :) 

Bonus #8: Take a nap

Did you know dogs sleep up to 18 hours a day? If you want to squeeze in some quality time, you may have to take part in their favorite hobby — napping! See why more than 100,000 dog moms love our supportive and comfy beds!

PS: Thanks to our friends at Lincoln and Asher for the beautiful pic at the top of this post! 


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