Games for your brand new puppy or dog!

Here’s an interesting discussion going on with regard to games and training of puppies. They spend time in the beginning talking about crate games, which of course tie into the idea of crate training. From there they go into some of the interactive games, like “tug” with your dog. An interesting aspect of it is how they use the games as training times for the dogs. If it’s “tug” then teach them to “release” the object as well.

Perhaps another game that can be played is the notion of “take,” that is teaching them to take certain objects on command as well.

Overall it’s an interesting discussion, covering many, many games which you may find helpful to spark your own creativity with your dogs. For example, play the “scent game” with your dogs. They’ll have a lot of fun.

Well, take a look at 23 Best Games For a New Puppy: