The Best Dog Day Ever!

A couple months back, we got an interesting offer. We got the chance to partner with the Dodo for the Best Dog Day Ever, a month-long event designed for dogs and their pet parents to have the best day ever – together. When an opportunity like that comes your way, you jump in with both feet! 



The month-long event was held in Brooklyn, Thursday through Sundays for the entire month of October! 

In addition to being the Official Dog Bed sponsor of the Best Dog Day Ever, a few members of the Big Barker crew, including our newest member, Spike, were lucky enough to attend — it did not disappoint. 



The adventure began when Spike attempted to navigate the Corn Maze. He very likely set a record that evening…

Best Dog Day Ever

For the slowest pup of the night! 😂

But, he was only 5 months old. By the time he’s fully grown, he’ll be flying through mazes of all kinds, we’re sure of it! As a point of reference, the fastest times were around 4 seconds. 🤭

After his corn maze cardio, Spike treated himself to a feast of ice cream, dog beer and bacon flavored bubbles! 


Check out Chako lounging on a Big Barker while drinking a bowl of Bowser Beer!



Inside the fenced-in lounge, it was a chill off-leash zone full of snacks and toys, making it a great place to relax and play with friends. 





And over at the adoption center, they had the cutest and snooziest puppies looking for their forever homes.


Last but not least, there were tons of celebrity sightings! 



Big Barker is proud to be the official dog bed partner of The Dodo. 



And after all the action, Spike wasn’t too proud to get carried out of there like a little baby.


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