Arthritis Awareness Week | Day 3 | The Importance of Sleep When Managing Pain

This morning, we hosted our third Arthritis Awareness Week Facebook Livestream with where Dr. Hannah Capon and Dr. Amber Batson talked about the importance of sleep when managing your dog's pain. 




If you were unable to catch today's video, you may want to go watch it here.  Dr. Capon and Dr. Batson spoke about the importance of sleep for our dogs in several different realms of their lives. Interestingly enough, sleep can help in the healing process when our dogs are in pain. There are things that pet owners can do to encourage improved sleep with our dogs. Dr. Batson even gave 3 main tips for creating a better sleeping environment for your pets. Here are her 3 main tips:

  1. Sometimes our dogs are in pain and ultimately need pain medication to help them sleep pain free. Speaking to your veterinarian is important to find the right pain medication for your pet. Providing your dog with the right medication could help lead them to more optimized sleep habits.

  2. Did you know that dogs are social sleepers? Dogs prefer to sleep in proximity to their favorite members of the home, whether that be a human or another dog. This does not mean they should be in your bed with you, but rather consider the location of their bed. There are some studies done that show your dog would sleep better in the same room as someone they are loyal to. 

  3. Consider the comfort and support of your dogs bed.  Certain bed types are able to improve sleep.  Soft, sinkable bedding is not only uncomfortable but also will lack support for giant joints over time.  Loose bedding or blankets can make dogs limbs feel trapped, leading to less nighttime mobility. Consider if your dog has the ability to step on and off their bed, stretch out all the way, and make sure their body stays off of hard surfaces

If you missed it, you can check it out here. If you are interested, you can follow Dr. Batson's journey at


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Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Facebook Live where Dr. Hannah Capon  will be talking with Dr. Matt Brunke about pain management and rehabilitation of dogs with arthritis. 

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