Treating Canine Arthritis | Arthritis Awareness Week Day 1 | Eric Shannon and Dr. Hannah Capon

This morning, we kicked off Arthritis Awareness Week with our first Facebook Live  where Dr. Hannah Capon and I talked about the impact arthritis can have on your dog’s quality of life.

Dr. Capon also mentioned a few helpful resources we wanted to pass along:

  1. CAM’s YouTube channel, which has tons of videos on everything related to canine arthritis
  2. CAM'S owner manual which helps each pet owner tackle arthritis!
  3. And, here are her top tips for how you can help your dog have better joint health today.
    • Help your dog avoid slippery floors
    • Get your dog a supportive, clinically proven bed
    • Reduce trauma to your dog's joints by providing ramps to avoid jumping
    • Provide the right amount of exercise to maintain an ideal weight
    Did you know? Big Barker Beds are clinically proven to help dogs with arthritis. Click here to learn more.


    And, it wouldn’t be Arthritis Awareness Week if we didn’t announce today’s winner….


     Giveaway Winner Arthritis Awareness Week

    Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Facebook Live where Dr. Hannah Capon  will be talking with Dr. Kathy Murphy about the powerful role of the brain and how it can factor into your dogs pain. 

    Arthritis Awareness Week

    By participating in this week's events, you could be one of five lucky winners to be gifted an $800 prize pack, including a Big Barker bed of your choice. See below for details and to enter. 

    Giveaway Prize Pack

    You can register for the event here:

    Look forward to seeing you there!


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