What is Arthritis Awareness Week and why are we doing this?
It’s simple. Too many dogs suffer needlessly with arthritis. Hosting Arthritis Awareness Week is our way of raising the profile of a serious hidden health problem that affects up to 80% of larger dogs… stealing away their quality of life and even shortening their lifespan. 
We want to help dog owners learn preventive measures to help their dog avoid this terrible disease in the first place...and help them ease their dog's pain and discomfort if arthritis has already reared its ugly head. 
To do so, we've partnered with a trailblazing organization, Canine Arthritis Management (CAM), to bring you some critical information. CAM’s founder, Dr. Hannah Capon and several canine arthritis experts will be sharing new information and tips every day about what you can do to help your dog live a longer, happier life. 


Dr. Hannah Capon
Here’s the Schedule of Events: 
Why the Fuss About Arthritis? 
Eric Shannon and Dr. Hannah Capon
Monday, 10/4 
11:00am EDT  
The Power of the Brain on Masking Pain
Dr. Kathy Murphy and Dr Hannah Capon
Tuesday, 10/5
11:00am EDT 
The Importance of Quality Sleep
Dr. Amber Batson and Dr Hannah Capon
Wednesday, 10/6
11:00am EDT 
Pain Management and Rehabilitation of Dogs with Arthritis
Dr. Matt Brunke  and Dr Hannah Capon
Thursday, 10/7
11:00am EDT 
Fact vs. Fiction: Dog Food Myths Busted
Dr. Cecilia Villaverde and Dr. Hannah Capon
Friday, 10/8
11:00am EDT  


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