What Does Arthritis Look Like in Dogs?

What Does Arthritis Look Like in Dogs?

Well, it generally shows itself as just slowing down or just getting old, or a dog seems to become a little bit lazy or less enthusiastic. It's pain in the joints. So you might actually see them limping. You might see them licking, chewing, they might seem bothered at a certain part of their body, but it can present itself in many ways. So I tend to say to people, if your dog has changed, then get it checked out, change in personality, behavior movement. It could be arthritis. Get it checked out by your vet.

What Arthritis May Look Like

  1. Seems lazy
  2. Seems unenthusiastic 
  3. Limping 
  4. Licking or chewing 
  5. Bothered by a certain part of their body
  6. Changes in personality
  7. Changes in behavior 
  8. Changes in movement 

For additional information about canine arthritis, check out Dr. Capon's work at Canine Arthritis Management.


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