Disturbing Pressure Mapping Study Results


Armed with a state of the art Tactilus pressure mapping sensor, we were able to CLEARLY demonstrate what your dog is feeling when lying on different types of dog beds. We believe that the only job of a dog bed is to keep your dog’s joints from painfully grinding into the floor, and the majority of popular dog beds are miserably failing this job. The sensors will show precisely what your dog is feeling when laying on these beds.



We placed the sensor on the floor underneath each bed. Then we had a 190 lb English Mastiff and a 92 lb Lab mix lay on the beds. The sensors will detect any painful pressure points created if the dog’s weight pushes through the bed and falls to the floor below.


Beds Tested:

  1. A $55 Polyfill bed purchased at one of the big corporate pet stores. Polyfill is the most common material inside dog beds, it’s the same stuffing as a human pillow.
  2. One of the best selling “orthopedic” memory foam beds purchased from Amazon.com for about $100.
  3. A crib mattress, which is commonly used by DIY enthusiasts as a dog bed for large dogs
  4. The Big Barker


What to look for:

The Tactilus sensor will change colors as pressure is detected. Red spots show up in the most extreme pressure points. Orange is slightly less painful than red, yellow is better than orange, etc. For a dog bed to do it’s job of keeping a dog comfortable and pain free, you don’t want to see any colors besides blue.


Why it matters:

Vets will tell you that at least 80% of big dogs will suffer pain, soreness, and loss of mobility due to joint pain… most commonly caused by joint diseases like canine arthritis or hip dysplasia. You might notice your dog “slowing down” or walking differently, or not greeting you with the same enthusiasm. This happens because your dog is hurting. He or she isn’t going to tell you this, of course. They just want your love and attention.

Our duty as dog owners is to protect our best friends from any unnecessary pain and suffering. Unfortunately, in many cases, some of that pain and suffering is actually caused by an item that you bought to protect them!

Have you ever slept ina sleeping bag on a hardwood floor? Or a really bad pull out couch? Not too comfortable, right? You probably had a spot or two that was grinding right into something hard, it’s painful, right? That’s how your dog feels on the average dog bed.

This test will show you what’s happening underneath YOUR dog’s bed. The results will either make you sleep better at night, or you’re going to be quite ticked off at the people that sold you your dog bed.



Well…. watch the video 🙂

Then go here to learn more about the Big Barker, which is the only bed suitable for the needs of a big dog.


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