10 Impressive Dog Bed Frames

Here at Big Barker, we prioritize your dog’s comfort and wellbeing. That’s why we created a clinically proven bed that’s supportive enough to eliminate pressure points, reduce joint pain and provide a great night’s sleep for even the biggest of dogs.

Lately, we’ve seen a ton of people from our community taking their dog’s comfort a step further by making their own bed frames for their Big Barker beds. If you’ve been thinking about making your own, here are 10 impressive dog bed frames to inspire you!  

  1. This gorgeous Great Dane has an awesome rustic bed frame with matching pillows and a great view.

    Great Dane on Big Barker Bed with Bed Frame

  2. This stunning and sleek bed frame fits perfectly in the corner of the bedroom. The added height also puts this pup in a prime petting area right next to their owner’s bed.

    Boxer on a Big Barker Bed with a Bed Frame

  3. These two have the perfect lounging set up. This modern bed frame features a built-in side table ideal for easy access to snacks (both the dog and human variety).

    Golden Retriever and Child on Big Barker Bed with Bed Frame

  4. With sleek lines and distressed wood, this dog bed frame not only fits many design styles, it’s higher walls also act as a den for any dog who likes to cuddle up in their own safe space.

    Mastiff on Big Barker Bed with Bed Frame

  5. This elevated platform is a smart design that takes this Dane’s large body and long legs into account. We also love the carpeted step which gives the dog an easy way to get on the bed without worrying about any slippery surfaces.

    Great Dane on Big Barker Bed with Bed Frame
  6. This simple platform bed has a beautiful wood tone and is at the perfect height so these two can sleep near their owners but not on their actual bed. Genius!

    Two Dogs on a Big Barker Bed with a Bed Frame

  7. Here’s a stately dark wood bed frame with carved posts and a high headboard. The carved bone in the headboard  makes sure everyone knows whose bed this is.

    Boxer on Big Barker Bed on Bed Frame
  8. This dog is recovering from surgery in style and comfort on their platform bed right at the foot of their owners bed.

    Dog Recovering from Surgery on Big Barker Bed with Bed Frame

  9. This three sided multi-tonal wooden bed frame is another example of a great modern den.

    Chocolate Lab on Big Barker Bed with Bed Frame

  10. Both natural and rustic, this big dog’s Headrest Edition bed is nestled in between a solidly constructed headboard and footboard.

    Mastiff on Big Barker Bed with Bed Frame


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