Why Do Dogs Lay on Hard Surfaces?

Why do dogs choose to lay down on hard surfaces? I mean, it’s not very comfortable, right? But there they are, just laying down on the concrete or the tile or whatever. 

Why are they doing this? Well, just like humans, dogs get hot. And, overweight dogs get even hotter because they’re insulated by all that fat. So, what does a hot dog do? Well, a hot dog is going to try and cool him or herself down by seeking out a cool surface. And if you’ve ever laid down on a nice, cool tile or concrete floor on a summer day, man that feels good, right? Your dog thinks the same thing. So if your dog is hot, it’s going to go lay down on a hard surface. That’s usually the only reason why they don’t choose those hard surfaces.


How to Help a Hot Dog Cool Down Outdoors

So if you got a big dog and your dog is hot and it’s summer and you don’t want them to get any kind of calluses or hygromas or pressure points sores or anything on their skin or their elbow. Well, what do you do? One great option is to provide a kiddie pool for that dog to lay down. Just go down to a Walmart or order it on Amazon. Fill it up with maybe three or four inches of water and let that dog go to town.

How to Help a Hot Dog Cool Down Indoors

Another way to keep your dog cool is to keep them inside in an air conditioned house or apartment, while making sure that your dog does not have access to hard areas. If your dog is insistent on laying on the hard floor, consider barring access to kitchens or bathrooms with a baby gate. Then provided cushioned surface. Big Barker beds provide an excellent resting space because they have thick cushioning that keeps those dog’s joints up off the floor.

To learn more about hygromas, check out Dr. Sarah’s Definitive Guide on Hygroma.


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