When Does a Hygroma Require Surgery?

When Does a Hygroma Require Surgery?

If your dog has a hygroma, you may be wondering, “When does a hygroma require surgery?” Well, how do you know if your dog needs surgery? Well, your best bet is to have a veterinarian look at your dog’s hygroma and give you their opinion. But, in general, here are some guidelines. 


Which Hygromas Can Be Treated Without Surgery?

Generally speaking, If the hygroma is very small and you take measures now to treat that hygroma, you can treat small hygromas that are not infected without surgery.

To treat a hygroma without surgery, you’ll need to make sure that your dog has multiple comfortable places to lay down, that your dog is not laying down on hard surfaces, that your dog is at a healthy weight, and that your dog’s hygroma is not infected.


When a Hygroma May Require Surgery

There are some telltale signs that your dog’s hygroma may require surgical therapy. If the hygroma is: 

  • Infected
  • Red or angry looking
  • Pus producing
  • Hot to the touch
  • Painful
  • Resistant to all the medical treatments you’ve attempted
Safest Bet is to Check with your Vet

Talk to your local veterinarian and get their opinion. They’re the ones putting their eyes on that dog to let you know the best course of action to treat that hygroma and get your dog back to their normal life.

Check out Dr. Sarah’s Definitive Guide to Hygroma to learn more!

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