Joint Problems Don't Have To Be A Pain

Joint Problems Don't Have to Be a Pain
There are nutrients in many foods that help reduce swelling, stiffness, and joint pain in humans, and they can do the same for your dog. Ingredients in some whole, healthy foods and supplements can bring relief to a dog with arthritis, or one who's just had surgery. 


What Should My Arthritic Dog Eat?
If your dog has been diagnosed with dysplasia, arthritis, has old age or you even want to act preventatively you should begin to feed them foods with anti-inflammatory properties in order to help their bodies feel best.  

Fish oil is an anti inflammatory food to give your pet.

Vitamin C provides anti inflammatory properties.

Glucosamine can help your dog with joint pain.Turmeric has anti inflammatory problems for joint pain.

Foods to avoid for joint pain.


For additional information about how diet and weight can affect your dog's joints, check out  Does a Little Extra Weight Put Your Dog at Risk?


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