What Is An Ischial Hygroma?

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely because you’ve come across the term ischial hygroma while researching online. Or, your veterinarian said your dog has an ischial hygroma, and you’re thinking, “What the heck is this thing?”

Why Does a Hygroma Form?

A hygroma is a condition that occurs in response to skin tissue being repeatedly traumatized by laying down on a hard surface. It usually occurs over a bony prominence, like an elbow. If I laid down on my elbow all the time on a hard surface, concrete or whatever, that pressure squishes on the tissues. And, that pressure makes the tissues angry. Those angry tissues eventually cause hygromas to form.

What Is An Ischial Hygroma?

Hygromas are fluid-filled pockets underneath the skin. While they often form on a dog’s elbow, they can also form on the point of the hip. So, if you feel your dog’s hips, back by his tail, you’ll feel a couple of little points sticking out. This sort of depends on your dogs weight, as it’s easier to feel with thinner dogs. In any case, those points are the wings of the hip, also known as the ischium. Hygromas that develop on the ischium are known as ischial hygromas. They’re the same fluid-filled pockets, just in a different location.

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