How to Acclimate a Dog to a New Dog Bed: The Ultimate Guide

If you just bought a new dog bed for your furry friend, you're probably wondering how to get them used to it. It can be tricky acclimating a dog to a new dog bed, especially if they're used to sleeping on the floor or another surface. In this blog post, Dr. Hannah Capon will outline the steps you need to take to get your pup comfortable with their new bed!

  1. It is common when your dog gets a new bed , that they may be hesitant to use it at first. This is because they are unsure of the new object and need time to explore and get comfortable with it. So first of all, do not force them to use it. Be patient, be kind and accept.
  2. The best way to start acclimating your dog to their new bed is by placing it in their sleeping area, close to where they usually sleep. You can then encourage them to lie down by using a bit of 'trickery' in making them think its their old bed!
  3. Make sure to give your dog permission to use the new bed. This means that you should not punish them if they jump on it, or chew it. This will only make them more hesitant to use the new bed.
  4. If your dog is still resistant to using their new bed, you can try placing some of their favorite toys or treats on it. This will help make the bed more inviting and may encourage them to use it as their safe area.
  5. Use smells like your own clothing to create a sense of comfort for your dog. Consider sleeping in some pajamas that you're then willing to donate to the dog's bed, so they associate your smell with the bed.

Do not give up, eventually with time and patience your furry friend will love their new bed! There's plenty of things that you can do, do not let their immediate lack of use make you frustrated. Just give it time and patience!

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