Designed by experts.
Made in America.
With Premium Materials

How Did Big Barker Solve
America’s Dog Bed Dilemma?

We realized normal dog beds weren’t supportive enough for big dogs, so we built something better.



Eric Shannon

A veteran of the dog bed business since 2006, Eric created the Big Barker in 2012 to solve the biggest problem in the dog bed industry: no-one was making supportive dog beds for big dogs. Because Eric’s own dog Hank was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a puppy, his mission is close to his heart.

Dan Theis

Dan has 20 years of experience in the foam industry. His experience ranges from Manufacturing and Management to Sales and Product Development. He personally oversees our Supply Chain as well as the development and production of all products at the Big Barker Facility in Reading PA.

Big Barker workshops in Pennsylvania and Delaware employ more than 20 experienced craftsmen and craftswomen with extensive backgrounds in upholstery and furniture production.


There’s only 4 materials in a Big Barker. The choice of each is critically important.

Big Barker Completely Eliminates Uncomfortable Pressure Points

We invented a proprietary 3-stage blend of American-made foam that helps a dog feel like they are lying on a cloud, enveloping their joints in comfort. Plus, the high density support core guards against pressure points caused by direct contact with the floor.

Big Barker will only ever use American made foam for two reasons:

1. It allows us to protect you with our industry-leading 10 year “Can’t flatten, Won’t flatten” warranty

2. It’s safer for dogs to sleep on. All Big Barker foam is certified by CertiPUR-US® to meet their rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability.

(Normal dog beds are made with wimpy polyfill or substandard Chinese foam. That’s why normal dog beds are infamous for falling apart and flattening like pancakes under the weight of big dogs. Also be careful letting your dog sleep on Chinese foam… many well known dog bed brands have tested positive for harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, chlorine and other bad stuff)

Normal dog beds too quickly look ratty and smell bad - this is because their fabrics usually degrade with regular use and often aren’t easily machine washable.

Fabric used in Big Barker beds has to pass three tests:

1. Must look great in your home. Our fabric is made for expensive couches and upholstery. The Big Barker is styled to look like a piece of beautiful furniture that earns compliments from guests.

2. Must be machine washable. An easy-to-clean cover means a bed that looks and smells great. We only use fabrics that don’t shrink. On cold temperatures, you can wash your bed cover over 1,000 times and it won’t shrink.

3. Must hold up well against digging and nesting. Our strong microfiber covers score 100,000 or higher on the standard Wyzenbeek Abrasion test, which measures a fabrics ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing. (High-quality household furniture only requires scores of 15,000)

We only use American made zippers.

Our zippers are made in one of the oldest zipper factories in the country! You might be amazed how much zipper we use on every bed. Because our foam is so big and thick, we use up to 150 inches of zipper, surrounding a full 75% of the bed - letting you quickly take the cover on and off the bed with ease.

(Normal dog beds either have no zipper at all or only zip along one side - leaving you to physically “fight” the foam to stuff it back into place)

The glue used in Big Barker beds is 100% safe to inhale and safe to work with.

Big Barker uses an American Made water-based latex glue, which is fully OSHA compliant to spray without masks or filtration. We pride ourselves on creating pet and human safe products in pet and human safe work environments.

(Normal dog beds often use glues that are anything but safe. You need to wear a breathing mask just to work with them in a warehouse. Then that glue gets sent to your home in your new dog bed.)