Do Crossbreeds Get Hygromas More Often?

Do Crossbreeds Get Hygromas More Often?

What kinds of dogs get hygromas most? Do crossbreeds get hygromas more often? Or do purebreds get them more? These are great questions. And there’s a short and sweet answer to them: 

No! Crossbreeds do not get hygromas more than purebreds.

What Kind of Dog is More Likely to Get a Hygroma? 

If your dog is a large breed, is overweight or lays down on hard surfaces, then your dog is at increased risk for development of a hygroma, especially if you’ve got all three of those together. If that’s the case, you need to take some measures now to make sure that your dog does not develop a hygroma.

Hygromas form most often in dogs that are large, overweight and lay down on hard surfaces repeatedly and has nothing to do with whether they’re crossbred or purebred.

Learn more about hygromas at Dr. Sarah’s Definitive Guide to Hygroma!


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