Can a Long Haired Dog Get a Hygroma?

Can a Long Haired Dog Get a Hygroma?

Can a long-haired dog get a hygroma? Of course they can. Any dog can get a hygroma, whether they have short hair, long hair, no hair, curly hair, straight hair. Any dog can get a hygroma.

Why Does a Hygroma Form?

A hygroma forms under the skin, in response to a large dog or an overweight dog that lays down or sleeps on a hard surface. That repeated trauma of the tissue on those hard surfaces is what creates a pocket of fluid under the skin. These happen on bony prominences like elbows and hips.

So it’s not the type of hair that puts a dog at risk, it’s where they’re laying and how often they’re laying on the hard surfaces. Being a large breed or being overweight puts dogs at a much higher risk of developing a hygroma.

Learn more about hygromas by reading Dr Sarah’s Definitive Guide to Hygroma.


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