Louisiana Boy Writes Sweet Letters About Foster Dog to Pass on to Pup's Adopters

“The best dog ever!”, is how six year old Roman Duncan describes Maggie, a Pitbull mix from North Shore Animal League America (NSALA). Maggie was found last year as a puppy and was too young to be adopted. The Duncan family stepped forward to care for Maggie until she got older. 

According to NSALA, Roman formed a deep connection with Maggie in her first couple months with the family. Roman knew that his furry friend would one day find a forever home, but he didn’t let that stop him from loving Maggie with all of his heart.

When the time came for Maggie to go to NSALA's shelter in Port Washington, New York to be put up for adoption, Roman wrote letters to her future family to let them know all about his best friend. The notes contained praise like, "Maggie is the best dog you could ask for." 

The letters were slipped into Maggie’s documentation, and were found to the delight of the staff at NSALA. The team there made sure that his notes were passed along to the new family, so that they could learn all about the wonderful pup they were adopting. 

The employee’s at NSALA hoped that Roman’s love and care for Maggie would inspire other families to foster dogs in need. 

To learn more about pet fostering opportunities and NSALA's animal rescue work, visit https://www.animalleague.org/.

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