8 Year Old Girl Paralyzed in Accident Gains a New Service Dog Best Friend

A lifetime bond was created between a little girl and a Golden Retriever all because of a snuggle. Eight-year-old, Memphis Rose Hamman, was the victim of a June 2020 car accident that unfortunately left her with a punctured lung, fractured and displaced neck, and severely fractured spine. Memphis was left unable to breathe and was administered CPR by a doctor on scene before being flown to the hospital.

Her mother, Gayrene Meade, stated, “The neurosurgeon said her spinal injury is one she may not recover from, and her chances of paralysis are significant.”

Lori Griffith, Founder of the Chasin’ a Dream Foundation, heard about the accident and reached out to Furry Friends Adoption because of Memphis’s love for dogs.

Juliet, a Golden Retriever from Wyoming Sky Goldens, was taken in by Furry Friends Adoption the day of the accident. After Lori reached out, it was determined that Juliet would be trained to help Memphis with her paralysis.

An initial meeting was arranged, and the bond was immediate between the two. The connection was described as, “one-of-a-kind” by owner of Wyoming Sky Goldens, Kourtney Haddix.

Over the next year, Juliet trained with Tidal K-9, a non-profit organization that trains dogs for those with disabilities. The training costs around $25,000, which is made possible by a grant from the Leeds Endowment.

Leeds Endowment Controller, Danielle Ford, said, “Memphis Rose is a strong little girl, and we are glad to have been able to provide the means for Juliet to learn to be her service dog.”

“Juliet has learned how to open doors, bring Memphis things, go get her mother if needed in a variety of situations, and apply deep pressure therapy to calm Memphis who has frequent bouts of anxiety over her situation,” described Juliet’s trainer Summit Earhart.

Memphis and Juliet got to see each other three times a month during training, and their bond continued to grow. Summit detailed the duo as, “A perfect team. Juliet is soft and comforting and takes her work seriously. She loves Memphis Rose and knows that her job is to help her.”

Juliet has since completed training and moved in full time with the family. “Juliet was happy and sweet, and Memphis Rose was excited to see her pal,” commented Memphis Rose’s Mother.

Memphis and Juliet will continue their strong bond with further training and plenty of cuddles to help Memphis during her recovery. One thing is for sure, the bond between a young girl and her beautiful pup will never be broken.

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