Customer Spotlight: Tracy, Thelma & Louise

A dog is a companion for life and will come into your life in different ways. Sometimes dogs come into your life when you need a friend and other times people come into dogs’ lives when they need them most.

Just take Tracy Dietz and her sweet dogs, Thelma, and Louise, for example. 5 years ago, Tracy was driving on a highway in north Texas and noticed two abandoned dogs at the truck stop. After working to get the dogs safely off the interstate, Tracy noted Louise and Thelma’s terrible conditions. Thelma had hip weakness, problems getting up, and would drag her leg.








When Tracy took Thelma to the vet they suspected she’d been hit by a car or suffered another injury. Tracy was committed to   turning these sweet dogs’ lives around by giving them love and a caring home. 


Because Thelma was a larger dog with hip problems, Tracy knew she needed support. She decided to get her a Big Barker bed which she now loves to nap and relax on. 


Tracy also helped Louise get back on the road to good health. Shortly after she was rescued, Louise  was diagnosed with IMHA (a tough to treat immune disorder) and as a result of the high doses of immunosuppressants, developed a hygroma that became infected and ruptured open in three places. Thelma was gracious in allowing Louise to use her Big Barker while the hygroma was healing. 

Thelma on her Big Barker



These sweet sisters are truly amazing and thanks to Tracy, they have been saved.  


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