Amazon Driver Finds and Cares for Lost Las Vegas Dog on Delivery Route Until Owner Is Located

After wandering the streets for hours on end, a sweet dog was able to find his guardian angel. Yoshi was found by Edie Dotan, an Amazon Flex Driver, during the early morning hours in Las Vegas, Nevada. "As an Amazon Flex driver, I use my own vehicle to deliver packages for Amazon. It's a way for me to earn extra money and set my own hours. I work early in the morning — it's a great way to start my day," Dotan says. 

Edie Dotan with Yoshi

"It was early in the morning, and it was cold outside. I was walking up to the house, and I heard this quick movement near my feet," Dotan says. When she looked down, she found a small dog who was "scared and looked lost." Dotan rang the doorbell of the home she was standing in front of, but no one responded. Worried about the dog spending time outside alone in the cold, Edie checked the pet's collar and found the pup's name was Yoshi and his tag had a phone number to call on it. 

"I could tell that Yoshi was friendly, so I brought him into my car while I called the number on his tag. I turned on the heat to get him warmed up and gave him some water to drink," Dotan detailed. 

"I called several times, but no one picked up. He was happy in the car and even came over and sat in my lap while I was parked, so I decided the best plan was to keep him with me while I made deliveries until I could get in touch with his family," she adds.

Yoshi was an amazing sidekick and stayed with Edie during her route. Later that day, Yoshi's owners called and set up a time to reunite with him. "The owner was so kind and grateful. Yoshi jumped right into her hands and cuddled with her like he was finally home. The owner had a big smile on her sweet face," Dotan says of the reunion. Despite Yoshi being an the perfect driving buddy, Edie says she is happy he is home safe.

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