16 Questions | Bessie the Great Dane

Welcome to another edition of Big Barker's interview series, Sit, Stay, Speak, where we get to know our favorite internet friends and their dogs! This week we had the honor of interviewing Sarah Ezell and her pup, Bessie the Great Dane! Read more about them below!

1. Name: SarahBrooke, Bessie my fur baby, and dog dad is Brett

2. Occupation: Neurosurgical Scrub Nurse 🩺

3. Location: Atlanta, Georgia

4. How would you define your dog? Loving - Bessie loves humans of all shapes and sizes. When we go to dog parks she wants to greet every human. It’s my favorite thing about Bessie. I’m an introvert. Bessie has taught me to love more openly and come out of my shell. 

5. If you could ask your dog one question, what would it be? I would ask Bessie what her perfect day would consist of and then we’d do that every weekend! 

6. What’s something your dog is afraid of? Bessie is afraid of getting a bath. She runs away from the hose and will not get into a dog bath or a shower 🛁

7. What’s the coolest trick your dog knows? Bessie knows how to open door handles. We had to take off all the handles in our home so she wouldn’t open the door. Which has left us with a great grip strength! She also whines every night around 4-5am to get her daddy out of bed to take her potty but then will snuggle on his pillow when he leaves the bedroom. This one always gets a laugh from me. Move your feet, lose your seat, dad! 🤣

8. What’s Bessie's weirdest habit? Bessie will knock her food bowl around when she’s hungry. Once the food is in her bowl she will launch it across the floor with her nose until all the food is dumped onto the floor.

9. What’s your favorite pic/video you’ve ever posted and why? I started Bessie’s Instagram account (@bessiethedane) during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. I had a lot of extra time on my hands so I got into editing photos. Almost all of my favorite photos of Bessie are with edited backgrounds. Check out some of the awesome pics below:

10. What’s the best thing about being an influencer?
I love meeting people from all around the world and having conversations with them. Some of Bessie’s best friends on instagram live in the US Canada, Australia, Mexico, and Portugal!

11. What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had as an influencer? Feeling the pressure to produce content every day. As our lives get busier I’ve learned that it’s okay not to have something available to post all the time 🐾

12. What’s the most unexpected thing to happen since you started your account? I’ve made so many friends who have helped me through life struggles - aside from dog struggles. Two of my best friends on Instagram have helped me through my anxiety. Shout out to Jerry and Christina!

13. Who are some of your favorite creators?  It has been a struggle to own a Great Dane at times so seeing those who are able to care for more than one inspires me to have more! Some of my all time favorite accounts are:

✨ @detouringdanes

✨ @sir_oak_and_the_maidens

✨ @thehullpack

✨ @fourhulldanes

✨ @deardanes

✨ @leolaniandbane

14. What’s your hidden talent? Slowly but surely I’ve been working on photography. I enjoy capturing happy moments. My favorite images to capture (besides Bessie of course) are love between two humans. I LOVE finishing a photo, sending it to the couple, and receiving big smiles from my clients, it warms my heart! 📸🥰

15. What’s your favorite hobby? I love to hike with Bessie and when we aren’t outside playing we like to cuddle up on our GIANT Big Barker Bed and read together. My favorite genre is fantasy and historical fiction.

16. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? As a Christ follower, I’ve learned that love is the greatest gift of all 💗

Thank you to Sarah and Bessie for sharing your story with us! Be sure to keep up with them on Instagram! 🤳

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