16 Questions | Luna x Buddha

Welcome to another edition of Big Barker's interview series, Sit, Stay, Speak, where we get to know our favorite internet friends and their dogs! This week we had the honor of interviewing Taylor Cameron and her pups Luna and Buddha! Read more about them below!

1. Names: Taylor Cameron, Luna, & Buddha 

2. Occupation: Currently working from home as a Social Media Strategist and I have a small Dog walking + Boarding side biz 🙌

3. Location: Ontario, Canada

4. How old were you when you got your dog(s)? 

🐶 Luna: I was 19 and surprised my parents with her on impulse. Lets just say they were not happy.. but it was worth it 😉 

🐶 Buddha: I was 24 in my first apartment working at a dog daycare. They could both come to work with me and it was the perfect set up to raise a puppy.

5. If you could ask your dogs one question, what would it be? What’s on your bucket lists? (so we can accomplish them all!) 

6. How would you define your dog in three words?

  • Luna: Stunning, Tomboy, Layers
  • Buddha: Funny, Smart, Majestic

7. What’s something your dog is afraid of? Luna is timid of strangers! Buddha doesn’t have many fears at all, but lightbulbs are one of them 💡

8. What’s the coolest trick your dog knows? Luna’s best trick is high five and Buddha’s best trick is “Gimme a kiss” - you get an instant smooch!

9. What’s their weirdest habit? Luna eats forbidden poop...and Buddha needs to nibble on something (including other fur friends) 😂

10. What’s your favorite pic/video you’ve ever posted and why? A reel of Buddha climbing on top of my mom for cuddles on the couch. I love it because it shows so many of Buddhas colors. He’s such a gentle giant and makes it quite obvious in the video. He’s a big silly snuggle bug!

@buddhagreatdane My gentle giant 🥰 #boom #gentlegiant #greatdane #greatdanes #bigdogs #dogsoftiktok #dogs #funnydogs #lol #lapdog #couchhog #puppies ♬ Boom (feat. Talabun) - Ibenji


11. What’s the best thing about being an influencer? Helping people through things I’ve already experienced and learning from others experiences as well. Improving my dog’s life, meeting new friends, collabs, taking photos that I will have for the rest of my life, and making people laugh. The dog community is amazing!! 💖


12. What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had as an influencer? Making sure I stay consistent and having posts pre-prepped for the following day/week. This can be especially difficult when life gets busy. However, it’s a hobby that I enjoy, and as soon as it starts to feel like another job I give myself a break. It’s all about balance! 

13. What’s the most unexpected thing to happen since you started your account? Hitting 10K followers on Valentines Day! I started our account for a place that I can post my dog photography, where I wasn’t bombarding my friends and family daily on my personal profile. I never expected the account to take off but its been so fun.

14. Who are some of your favorite creators? @Lovemargot.co 📸

15. What’s your favorite hobby (one dog-related and one not)? 

🐾 Dog related: Dock Diving! Watching them swim knowing its so good for their joints is so satisfying and it’s so fun watching them improve their skills over time. ☀️ Personal: I really enjoy a hot summer day by the pool with friends and family. I enjoy vacationing to new places and visiting Airbnb’s.

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16. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 
People are going to judge you no matter what anyways, so don’t live your life impressing others – live your life impressing yourself 🥰


A big thank you to Taylor, Luna & Buddha for speaking with us and sharing more about you! 🐾 Keep up with them on Instagram and TikTok

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