Virginia Police Dog Reunites Family on Christmas Morning

A police dog in Virginia, was able to bring Christmas joy to a family after finding their lost child. The family had reported their child missing early in the morning on Christmas. Maxa, a German Shorthaired pointer was brought in to help!

She was given a piece of the child's clothing and then began tracking the smell into a near-by wooded area. It was there that the child was found safe and unharmed. Maxa has only been with the department as short-time, joining on October 20th. 

“Welcome, K-9 Maxa! … K-9 Maxa is a female German Shorthaired Pointer from Greece and is just over 1.5 years old,” according to a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office. 

Maxa and her handler were trained at a local company called Shallow Creek Kennels Incorporated. They specialize in transporting and training service and working dogs from Europe.

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