Dog Undergoes Amazing Transformation in Recovery

A pink, wrinkly puppy was rescued by the Friends of Marshall Animal Shelter (FMAS) earlier this year from dangerous conditions. The dog, later named Duncan, arrived at the shelter in serious pain. His skin was covered head to toe in scabs and was severely enflamed, as a result of an intense case of mange. 

The shelter was able to find an experienced foster family and started him on an extremely regimented health plan, which included daily medicated baths. The baths provided not just physical care, but emotional as well. The caregivers would shower him with love and affection during these sessions especially. 

In only a week, the change was remarkable and his skin was visible improving. “A little medicine and a loving foster go a long way,” FMAS wrote. Soon, he was eligible for adoption. 

They began to post about the dog and spread the word in search of a loving family. “Looks like there might be some Dalmatian in there,” FMAS wrote in a Facebook comment, “but all we can say for sure is that he’s a beautiful mix.” 

In November, he was adopted by an amazing family and will begin his new life, healthy and happy. His story serves as a testament to the resiliency of our precious four-legged best friends!


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