Shelter Dog Adopted by Local Police Department

A three-year-old Pit Bull mix named Bolo visited the Hopkinsville Police Department for what was supposed to be a one day trip. However, this trip turned out to be a forever home when he stole the hearts of everyone!

Bolo was living at a local shelter for about two months, when he was the first dog to take part in the department's new "Paw-trol" program that had shelter dogs brought into the station with hopes of them finding a home. “Once Bolo started being comfortable and playing with everybody, everybody was asking, ‘Can we adopt him? Can we keep him?’” Royale Marfil, the departments's public information officer, detailed. 

He had so much fun meeting everyone, he eventually fell asleep in Marfil's office. “He just kind of plopped down on the floor and started snoring,” Marfil said. “He snores really loud. I'd say that was probably my favorite part of the day, seeing him relax completely and just fall into this deep sleep.” 

When it came time for him to return to the shelter, he did not want to go and neither did the officers. “I brought it to Chief Newby,” Marfil said. “And he said, ‘Yeah, why not? Let's keep him.’” They worked out a plan that would have Bolo spend the days at the department and the nights with Marfil. He would go on to officially adopt him, and he received the official title of "Paw-trol Officer" in an official ceremony. 

“Everyone will pop into my office to say hi to him,” Marfil said. “I think people forget that it’s my office since Bolo lives here." When he gets visitors, they often bring treats which Bolo eats quickly. "He’s just about as much as a garbage disposal as a dog could get,” Marfil continues. “If he hears any sort of wrapper crinkling — it doesn't matter what it is — he is right at your feet, begging for whatever it is in your hand.”

He does not have any official working tasks like the department's K-9s, but rather is there to provide joy to everyone with his happy demeanor. “He has the biggest smile every day,” Marfil says. “If you pet him, he will smile. If you're having a bad day, he's got the biggest smile for you.” 


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