The Greatest Responsibility as a Dog Owner

Getting a dog is more than just having a sweet and adorable friend to come home to each day. It is a responsibility. Our dogs put their trust in us to provide for them, love them unconditionally, and always be there for them. We asked our Big Barker Community for what it means to be a responsible dog owner and we were thrilled to see their amazing responses.

Getting the "Best Bed for Giants"

Dogs on a Big Barker Bed

Starting things off with a close to home subject, we would like to thank @neets_12 for this amazing answer! We are the biggest proponents of getting the right bed for our dogs, especially our giant breeds. Many people are often tricked into believing their dog's bed provides support when it does not. Words like "memory foam" and "orthopedic" are casually thrown around, but only the Big Barker Bed is truly built to support our dogs and prevent the development of joint problems, such as hip dysplasia. What your dog sleeps on matters, and it is our mission to help every dog out there get the most comfortable and supportive night sleep possible. 

Dog Insurance

Dog Insurance

A big thank you to our friend @lisamarquezo for this response! It is a very hard choice for new pet owners on whether or not to get pet insurance. While it is a very personal choice, it is strongly recommend by most Veterinarians to get pet insurance. Although it is a consistent bill for you, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run if your dog were to need medical care unexpectedly. If you are on the fence about pet insurance, it is recommended to talk with your Veterinarian about potential options and see what is best for you and your dog. 

Being There for All Their Needs

Love your dog unconditionally

It might sound simple, but it is known across the board. @mastiffboyduo said "Do everything you can to keep them safe and healthy." @sparklesandsunshineblog continued this theme saying, "Put you dog first and always give them the best life possible."

Being a responsible pet owner is actually quite simple in nature. It simply is being there for your dog and loving them just as much as they love you. Gene Hill put it best saying, "No one can fully understand the meaning of love unless he's owned a dog." 

If you are looking to new fun ways to show your love to your dog, try the following:

  • Give them plenty of ear rubs
  • Daily playtime
  • Teach them new tricks
  • Have a conversation with your dog (and no its not crazy!)
  • Make time to cuddle
  • Surprise them with a treat
  • Make eye contact

It can sometimes be stressful when you get a new dog, young or old. You are learning about them and they are learning about you. Give it time, show patience, and don't give up. Your dog will be your best friend in no time. That is what being a responsible dog owner is all about. Love, Respect, and Companionship. 

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