The Best Places to Take Your Pup on an Adventure

At Big Barker, we love to promote fun and safe ways to take your dog on a new adventure. We asked our awesome Big Barker Community for their favorite places to take their dog and got some awesome just might find a new adventure to emBARK on!

Hiking Trails

Dog on a hike

Whether you want to get exercise for yourself, or let your dog work out their sniffer, trails are a great day-long activity for you and your dog. You can go on a variety of trails from beginner to expert level courses. It is important to make sure that your path is dog friendly before going. Luckily, Hike With Your gives you all of the pet-friendly information you need. Don't forget to pack all the essentials before you go:

  • Water / Water Bowl
  • Leash (Especially if required)
  • Treats
  • Food
  • Collar
  • Canine First-Aid Kit
The Beach

Dog at the beach

From the mountains all the way down to the beaches, the waterfront is a great place for your dog to run out all of their energy and take a dip in the swim to cool off. Lakes and the ocean can both provide a fun environment for your dog and you.

We do recommend having your dog wear a life-jacket especially if they love the water. Life-jackets can save your dog's life in case of an emergency. It is best to try the life-jacket on them at home before going to the beach to ensure a perfect fit and to get them comfortable with the device. Now get out there and enjoy your beach day!

Dog-friendly Bars and Restaurants

Dog under a table

More and more bars and restaurants are starting to open up their doors to our furry friends! Check out to find a place near you that offers this opportunity. If you are worried about your dogs behavior and getting along with other dogs, it will make the experience much more enjoyable for you and everyone else and help avoid a scrum between pooches. Also, try to either bring or ask if they provide water bowls to keep your pup hydrated and happy!

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