The Best Games to Play With Your Dog!

After a LONG day of work or school, it's the perfect time to take a nap... except in the mind of our dogs! Our dogs have been waiting all day to play with us and you better be ready to play.

We've asked our awesome Big Barker Community what their dog's favorite game to play is and got some amazing responses. Check them out below to see if your dog agrees!

Tug of War

Tug of War

While you may think this is a game, this is life or death to your dog! They will rip and pull and tug with all their might to get back their favorite toy, that sock they stole, or the sleeve of your sweatshirt. Beyond helping them physically, the game will also build impulse control and confidence. It is important to build your dog's confidence and letting them "win" with teach them that engaging with you in a positive way is rewarding!

The Never-Ending Game of Fetch

Fetch with your dog

Almost every dog's favorite game! This game will build the relationship between you and your dog very quickly and can be great for doing the same with those that are new to your dog. Many dogs, especially retrievers, are created with the love of the game deep inside of them, however it is important to know your dog. Some dogs, such as shelter or rescue dogs, may not be a fan of the game depending on past experiences. If the dog has suffered abuse, fetch can be anxiety educing because of the consistent taking of toys or other comfort items. Just pay attention and know your dog to make sure the game is fun and engaging for both them and you. 


Cuddling with dog

While some dogs are super active and always ready to play, we know those dogs that just want to cuddle up with us and relax. Whether a Senior dog or a young pup, they would choose sleeping over almost everything else, besides maybe food! If your dog is not a calm one, we have some tips on helping them sleep:

  • Let Your Dog Out Right Before Bedtime
  • Be Consistent in Their Bedtime
  • Limit Water Before Bed
  • Avoid Too Much Activity Before Bed
  • Try Melatonin

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