The Biggest Changes in Your Life Once You Get a Dog

Bringing home an adorable new puppy or a sweet senior dog is one of the greatest feelings in both your life and the dog's. It is a time of learning, love, patience, and bonding. We've asked our awesome Big Barker Community what the biggest changes were in their lives once they got a dog! Check out some of our favorite responses:


Dog Hair

Dog fur

Fur, fur, and more fur! A big adjustment for new dog owners is all the hair. If your dog shreds, you will find it everywhere. Even if you go on a trip, you will take it with you in your suitcase! The dogs that shed the most are:

#1 -Akita
#2 - Alaskan Malamute
#3 - American Eskimo
#4 - Cardigan Welsh Corgi
#5 - Chow Chow
#6 - German Shepherd
#7 - Great Pyrenees
#8 - Labrador Retriever


You Better Watch Those Shoes!

Dog chews on shoes

Dogs are great scavengers! They love to be thieves and steal all the shoes you have in your house! You may be wondering why this is? 

  1. Shoes are full of smells! While it may be yucky to us, shoes are full of smells from all the places your shoes have been and of you. This will keep your dog entertained for hours.
  2. They are great for teething! For especially puppies, shoes present a super engaging item for teething. To make it even for fun for them, when you chase them around the house trying to capture the shoe again, it is a game they want to play everyday.
  3. Stress relief: your shoes can be a great stress reliever for a dog who is in a new place. It can also calm dogs who have separation anxiety while you are at work.


Everything, Literally Everything, and in the Best Way Possible

Dog and his owner

This is perhaps the best response we received because it encapsulates the reason we add dogs to our family in the first place. Dog's are man's best friend for a reason. They are always there to greet you with a smile after a long day's work. They are always there with a hug after a break-up. They are always there with a ball ready to play and help you forget about all your worries in life. 

Another follower described this saying, "My heart grew and grew." Dog's bring out the best in all of us. These amazing creatures are the most innocent and lovable creatures on earth. No matter how much slobber and hair is left around the house, no matter how many shoes are destroyed, our dogs will always be the best among us. 


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