Eight Essentials To Buy For Your New Puppy

The day you have been dreaming of since you were a child has finally arrived - it's time to pick up the newest addition to your family, a puppy! Being a puppy parent is no easy task and it's important that you have all the necessities to welcome this new bundle of joy into your home.

So what exactly do you need? What toys? What food? What bed?! Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to make being a puppy parent easy as can be. We've asked our awesome Big Barker Community for their advice about the best things to buy for a new puppy! Check out some of our favorite responses:

Dog Food and Bowls

New puppies are always HUNGRY! It is important to get the right food for your pup. Vets recommend a diet specific to that puppies' needs until they are fully grown. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are vital to the growth and development of your dog. Many dog foods are broken down by size, breed, and age, so be sure to choose the appropriate style for your dog. Once you choose the perfect food, don't forget their bowl! Choose a color, size, and design that suits your needs and your home.

Dog with food

Dog Beds (Especially a Big Barker!)

Once your pup is done eating, they will probably get sleepy, very quickly! You need a place for them to rest that is comfortable and supportive. If your dog is a large breed, you'll need a bed that they can grow into over time. Not only does it give them optimal sleep and supports their joints as they get older, it makes for adorable pictures of tiny pups on a HUGE bed! To make their space even cozier, get a super soft blanket to cover the top of the bed!

Dogs on a Big Barker with a blanket


After a nap, your puppy will need to get all that energy out! Luckily, there is a wide variety toys are out to keep your dogs entertained for hours. It's important to keep their brains stimulated and enriched throughout the day... you can even make some cool DIY toys that are fun and easy to make! As they grow up, you will find what toys your dog tends to gravitate most to, but typically dogs love toys stuffed with peanut butter, bones, stuffed animals, frisbees, and tennis balls. It's all a matter of what your pup falls in love with!

Dog with toy

Harnesses, Leashes, and Collars

Every dog's favorite four letter word...WALK! It is important especially when they are young and still training, to have your dog on a leash when outside. Finding that perfect collar, leash, and harness will complete your dog's look and make them easy to track and identify at all times. There are cute patterns, bright colors, and even collars with your favorite sports team logo on it! 

Dog on a walk

Dog Shampoo

After a long day of activities and fun, your new puppy is smelling a bit stinky! That means it is time for bath time! Shampoo made specifically for dogs is what you will need to clean your dog and help keep them smelling fresh. You want to avoid washing your puppy more than once a month unless necessary to help protect the healthy oils that their coats hold. After a bath, make sure to set aside time for the post-bath zoomies!

Dog gets a bath

Got any more good tips for first time pet parents? Be sure to share them in the comments below!

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