Seven Year Old Retriever Struck by Vehicle Now Recovering on His Big Barker Bed

Diesel receives treatment for his wounds

Diesel Hahn is a seven-year-old Retriever from the Chesapeake Bay Area who was unfortunately struck by a vehicle earlier this month on the interstate. A good samaritan stayed with the dog until police arrived and the owner was able to be located. Diesel was then immediately taken to Valley Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center (VVERC) to be treated.

He was found with extensive polytrauma with multiple wounds, right sided rib fractures, left femoral fracture, degloving of the left pes, mandibular fractures and pleural hemorrhaging. He was stabilized at VVERC in Winchester, VA, and then transferred to Veterinary Surgical Centers (VSC) afterwards for surgery. Dr. Jim Taylor, Dr. Ashley Villatoro, Dr. Meg Goodale and Tiffany LVT performed a femoral fracture repair and wound debridement (the removal of damaged tissue or foreign objects from a wound) for him.

Diesel smiles following his recovery
Following the surgery, Tiffany stayed with Diesel everyday to help in his recovery. She massaged the edema, hand fed him, and encouraged him to move around and lay on different sides. He’s also been getting laser therapy from the rehab department at VSCR and receiving multiple units of plasma for hypoproteinemia (loss of protein from disease).

Diesel sits with his care givers
Post-surgery, it is essential for a dog to have a comfy place to rest as they recover. The Big Barker team saw Diesel’s story and knew he needed a Big Barker bed, so he had a supportive place to recover from his injuries. We are happy to report Diesel seems to be doing well with his treatments and will likely be back to his normal self in no time!

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