Malamute Dog Helps Husky Best Friend Adjust to Vision Loss

Humans are not the only ones who can benefit from the assistance of a guide dog. Walker, an Alaskan Malamute, has become the unofficial guide dog (and official best friend) to Sterling, a Siberian Husky.

Sterling was diagnosed with glaucoma, an eye condition that causes blindness, just over three years ago. Once diagnosed, his owners, Lillian and Mark McKee, were worried about his ability to adjust due to his worsening vision.

"After his first procedure, he was pretty down, but we took him to the beach with Walker, and he perked up instantly," Lillian stated.

Since that day, Walker has assisted Sterling in keeping up all of his favorite activities. From playing in the snow to enjoying nature, and running on the beach, Sterling has not missed a beat. The continued activity has, “really helped him to be his old cheery self,” Lillian added.

Lillian continues by saying, “Walker loves getting him to play, and part of me thinks he doesn't even realize that Sterling is blind sometimes."

Walker stays with Sterling throughout the day such as when they sleep or nap. Walker even takes commands from Sterling. “I think having someone to boss around is definitely why he's still such a happy dog,” says Lillian.

Sterling wears a pair of ski goggles to help protect his eyes. Walker has his own pair to make sure he doesn’t feel left out either. They also wear matching bandanas to pose for cute Instagram posts . This adorable duo shows us all the power of friendship and the never ending will of a dog to live their best life. Keep up with them on Instagram @sterlingandwalker!

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