Reggie's Road to Recovery

Reggie, a 10-year-old American Labrador mix, has been through quite the ordeal. Reggie's journey began when he admitted to the MedVet Emergency Department on January 31. Initially thought to have a laceration, further examination revealed the true nature of his injury—a thermal burn, likely acquired during a dental procedure elsewhere. This unexpected turn of events led to a comprehensive treatment plan, including the use of a Wound Vac System, to aid in his healing process.

Under the care of skilled Veterinarians and Nurses, Reggie underwent multiple procedures and consultations, including managing a new heart murmur and addressing low blood protein levels, which caused severe edema. Despite the challenges, Reggie's spirit always shone through.

He quickly became a hospital favorite with his loving face, soulful eyes, and charming demeanor. In addition, his family came to know everyone by name, from the customer service team, to the ICU nurses, to each doctor who cared for Reggie. 

As Reggie's stay extended, his caregivers noticed signs of depression and sought ways to improve his well-being. This led to him being taken to the Rehabilitation Room, where he received physical therapy, mental stimulation, and was the place he was first introduced to the comfort of a Big Barker bed. The difference it made for him was remarkable.

"He absolutely LOVED the bed and always wanted to be on it when in the rehab room. He slept better on the bed than in his kennel, his joints appeared more comfortable, and he was overall happier!" - Dr. Caitlin Ashlock, DVM MedVet

Finally, after almost three weeks in the hospital, Reggie was discharged, albeit with the need for ongoing bandage changes and care. But amidst the uncertainty, one thing remained constant—Reggie's love for his Big Barker bed. 

As Reggie's journey continued at home, there was a heartwarming twist awaiting him. Dr. Ashlock, one of Reggie's caring Veterinarians, reached out to the team at Big Barker in hopes of securing a bed for Reggie to enjoy at home. Reggie's family was overwhelmed with gratitude upon receiving the unexpected gift.


Now, as Reggie continues to heal and regain his strength, he can do so surrounded by the familiar comfort of his beloved Big Barker bed. Reggie's story serves as a reminder of the importance of comfort and care, especially for our senior pets.

As his owner emphasized, "Don’t underestimate the need for your dog to be comfortable, especially as seniors. The more we can do to help them with joints and mobility, we need to do!" As Reggie settles back into his home with his loving family, we can all take comfort in knowing that he's resting comfortably, surrounded by the love and care he deserves.


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