Benji's Orthopedic Journey: A Tale of Love and Recovery

Meet Benji, the bubbly and happy 8-year-old rescue terrier mix with the biggest dark brown, loving eyes. Adopted from a no-kill charity in a remote ranch area outside Sacramento, Benji became the perfect companion for Dottie, a 6-pound Chihuahua terrier mix.

Benji's adoption was driven by a desire for a submissive, kind, and loving male companion for Dottie. The choice was made based on a heartwarming photo that captured Benji's kind eyes, creating an instant connection with his new family.

Benji's life took an unexpected turn when he suffered a severe left rear ACIL injury in early September 2023. The injury required immediate attention and surgery, leading to a three-month period of being crate-bound 24/7. This challenging time tested not only Benji's resilience, but also the quality of the products used during his recovery.

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During Benji's recovery, his caretaker, a retired research chemist, noticed that standard orthopedic crate beds were causing him severe discomfort due to contact dermatitis. Desperate to alleviate Benji's suffering, she turned to online research and stumbled upon a potential solution – an American-made hospital-grade orthopedic bed from Big Barker.

Upon receiving the high-quality orthopedic bed, the immediate improvement in Benji's condition was remarkable. The crate beds' hospital-grade foam immediately eliminated the chemical off-gassing issue that was previously causing his contact dermatitis.

The thickness and support of the bed not only prevented itching and discomfort, but also allowed him to rest and heal in orthopedic comfort and support. The impact of the crate bed on Benji's overall well-being was significant. 

"The most impressive part was how Benji looked so at peace as he slept on your bed. It was a miracle for us. Once he could rest in orthopedic comfort, his whole demeanor changed. He was in deep sleep many more hours per day. He was not as depressed as with the other pads and healing came much quicker." - Linda. F (Benji's Mom)

Thank you to the Freeman Family & Benji for being part of the Big Barker family and sharing your story with us!

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