Paws of Honor: Meet Ronni

My name is Nick, and I would like to introduce my retired MWD (Military Working Dog) Ronni/P835. He is a 12-year-old Dutch Shepherd trained in Patrol and Explosive Detection.  


The primary role that Ronni provided was for explosive detection, apprehension, and location of individuals for the United States Army. He has been on multiple deployments, as well as countless Secret Service and Homeland Security missions. He has responded to numerous local bomb threats at schools and clinics, just to name a few. 


The thing that makes being a K9 handler so special is that it's not just going in and doing your job and going home (for lack of better terms). It was knowing that my life and the life of others depended upon the relationship and training I had put in with my dog. As well as the understanding that I was everything to him.

We had a lot of fun, but also had some hard times, but we went through it together.   

I was his handler for three and a half years when he lost his left eye during training right before what would be his last deployment. I adopted him before I had to leave for deployment taking another dog.

He retired while I was gone, but now I am back and enjoying every minute with him. With the loss of his left eye, it put a tremendous amount of strain on the right eye causing him pain and to go blind in that eye. Along with being blind he has arthritis and some mild signs of hip dysplasia.

He is still very lively and active. We go for walks every day, and he still wants to play fight. When we go out to town, he loves the attention that he receives. But he loves taking naps, those are his favorite. He refuses to go to bed at night unless I take him into the bedroom when I go to bed. If I am still up doing something no matter the reason why or how late, he wants to be by my side. It is kind of like he still has my back. 

If Ronni could tell the world one thing, it would have to be either, "Leave me alone" or "I am really cute, give me food." 

We are so grateful for organizations like Paws of Honor who help to make the lives of Retired Working K9's and their handlers better every single day!


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